About White & Green

As an accomplished Interior Designer, Sari was left puzzled by the lack of high quality, yet affordable bedding on the market. “What could possibly be so difficult?” She set out on a mission, and became a top expert for the finest quality bedding in the world. As a family, we wanted to take this even further.

Together, we launched White & Green in May 2016 and it has flourished ever since. From seed, to factory, to finished product- every detail has been meticulously chosen by us with full transparency in our supply chain.

We simply supply the most beautiful sheets, without the misleading marketing ploys such as ‘thread count’- which is not in itself an indicator of quality. It truly is about the quality of the cotton used in the first place that matters most. We use the finest, hand-picked organic cotton creating luxuriously soft sheets that wash and iron beautifully.

Not only that, but we are 100% Fairtrade certified meaning fair wages and safe working conditions for all of our workers.

Pure, Chemical-Free, Fair.

Conventionally grown cotton accounts for 25% of global pesticide use. An estimated 25 to 77 million agricultural workers suffer from acute pesticide poisoning causing rashes, cancer and even death. Our Organic farmers enjoy a happier, healthier life along with better crop growth year on year.

We believe there are no excuses for inhumane practices. We simply pay a fair wage for fair work. In fact, our workers are paid the highest wages of all local textile factories. They receive pensions, medical insurance for their entire family, rent allowance and sponsored meals. We also pay them a fairtrade premium, which they spend on community projects. The way it should be!


White & Green Sari

Sari Winckworth

Sari first studied interior design in the Inchibald School of Design in London. Sari then set-up her own interiors-related consultancy with high-profile clients across Ireland and Europe. Sari’s specialty in luxury beds and bedrooms led her to discover the lack of organic and high quality sheets at an affordable price. This has served as a major inspiration for the creation of White & Green. She ensures we sell only the finest products with no compromise on quality.

Rebecca Winckworth

As a singer, Rebecca has performed on the world’s most celebrated stages with groups including Celtic Woman, Celtic Nights and Anúna (original Riverdance Singers). Rebecca’s travelling led her to question global inequality and how patterns of trade benefit some people. She completed a Master’s in International Development at the London School of Economics. She is now our development, labour rights and fairtrade expert at White & Green.

Danielle Winckworth

As an international model with agencies such as Ford, Storm and Morgan, Danielle has walked for the most prestigious catwalks from New York to LA, Paris to London. Gracing the covers of global super brands such as Swarovski, L’Oreal, Asosand DKNY, she gained a huge insight and passion into the fashion and design industry and is taking that experience and passion into White & Green.